We understand that a reading may seem expensive, and it is Carmel’s most difficult challenge. In order to answer nearly 800 phone calls, 1200 emails and 200 social media messages each week, (received from all over the world) requires a staff of two full time employee’s that work very hard to get back to everyone in a timely manner. Not only to do the administrative work, but also to be a sympathetic ear when someone in grief just wants to talk.

Also due to the increase in clients and overwhelming need for a larger space, Carmel has the overhead cost of an additional location to help give her family privacy and accommodate larger groups,classes and events.

When Carmel began giving readings she was a stay at home Mom who homeschooled her children and her husband worked full time with his own successful heavy duty mechanic business. This allowed for the cost of readings to be minimal. Because of the high demand of clients, Carmel’s husband let go of his business and is now maintaining the ranch and homeschooling the children so that Carmel can read clients on a full time basis.

Although, Carmel is still limited on the amount of sessions she can do in the course of a day,  as it takes a considerable amount of energy mentally, physically and emotionally to connect with the other side.

While we appreciate it may look like she is just sitting and talking, she is however using a abundance of her mental, physical and emotional energy to make the connection.  This is also a factor that we hope resonates with her clients as she is working so hard for each client to make that connection with their loved ones and give them the healing messages.

We hope that people will see the session as an investment in their grief and wellness, and something that will resound with them for many years to come.

Carmel gives away two free readings a month, along with donating to various charity groups yearly.

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