Private Readings – When your reading first begins, Carmel will take some time to talk to you to make sure you understand what she does and that you’re comfortable. She will then begin by connecting to and giving you messages from your loved ones on the other side. This typically lasts 25-30 minutes depending on the Spirits whom are present, how strong they are, and how many come into the room. Carmel will then give you a intuitive reading using cards as a tool to give you messages on your past, present, future, and distant future. Carmel will continue to get as many messages as she can from your loved ones while using the cards. Her main objective is to hold the Spirits for as long as she can to give you as many messages as possible. Toward the end of the reading Carmel will give you an opportunity to ask her questions. During your reading she will also give you a chance to ask the Spirits questions.