We’re so excited that you’re applying for the 2017 Carmel Elite program!

And we’re even more excited to get started!

Please read below for important information before completing your application.

Before you complete our application:

  1. Please take the time to read over the program details
  2. Don’t let fear stand in your way
  3. Answer your application question honestly, and to the point!

Carm’s Elite is a 3 month program starting August 7th 

Hands on lessons & viable exercises that will get you down to work!
I am hand choosing those I work with so getting this invitation means I personally chose you.
This program has never been done before at this level.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
This is not publicly advertised to others. This is by special invite only.
You will get personalized one on one access to Carmel in this program.
This program will also teach you how to create and sustain a successful, HEART-CENTRED, spiritual practice and business, WITHOUT guilt or feeling bad that your abilities can and will support your life.

2 weekly audio lessons specific to you and not to anyone else. You may have the same homework or lesson as others, but the recording is specific to you and the direction that Carmel wants to give you. Recordings will come on Mondays and Wednesdays.

A private face book group only for Carm’s Elite where you will have direct access and communication with Carmel and the select others in the program.

You will be Carmel’s friend on facebook. You can send her private FB messages when needed for support, questions or progress updates.

Bi-weekly private webinars or Facebook lives only for those who are in the group. These will be direct teaching time from Carmel.

Carmel’s personal email to send emails and private communication/questions too about your program.

Carmel’s personal cell phone number to communicate with via text when needed. (We do ask that you exclude weekends and evenings after 7pm MST)

Business training with Marley Baird!

A monthly webinar with Marley with special training including: your social media strategy, branding, business systems and tools, email marketing, how to create passive income, video marketing, etc!

Access to Marley’s 4 social media courses (a $300 value!) Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat so you can take your business online!

Monthly live Q&A’s in your private Facebook group with Marley

Opening yourself up more to experience your deeper purpose as a healer in this lifetime.
Developing better psychic and energetic boundaries with clients, friends and family.
How to stay grounded and protected energetically at all times, even in the face of stress.
Learn to work with Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters to enhance your work as a Medium
Learning how to make a deeper connection with animals on the other side for your clients.
Becoming a better psychic or medium and learn how it’s not as black and white as some make it seem.
Have a deeper understanding the spiritual process of death and the afterlife

Developing better confidence in receiving messages and the courage to say what comes to you without doubt.

Opening the Third Eye, Heart, or other chakras and learn how to work with each of them specifically when you need too.
Work with unique exercises to enhance your psychic abilities.
Learn how to directly channel a spirit when and if needed. (Not for beginners)
Using your intuition to make choices with clients and business.
Take meditation into your day to day life. No more wasted time.
Crafting your honor code around psychism; the ethics around readings
Supporting you in realizing you are not crazy or making this up, even when everyone says so
Understanding past lives, karmic balancing, and the gift of life lessons.
Using guided imagery and self hypnosis for self-mastery, inner work and healing
Trusting yourself and your Living Journey with your gifts
Working with clients, and helping you to navigate your business with them.

And because all mentorees are unique, whatever specific needs you have!

If you’re interested, please apply below! We are only accepting a few people at this time so don’t miss your opportunity to take advantage of this exclusive program!

This package has a retail value of over $11,000.00! 

Your total cost is $5000.00!
or 3 payments of 1750.

Please note – Your application must be sent in by midnight of June 20th. 
This is a limited time offer and there is a limit as to how many students I can accept into this three month program.

Applications Close June 20th at midnight!