Calls With Carmel Will Be Activated on
January 5th!

Will she be calling you?

“Calls with Carmel”

Carmel may be calling you next time!

This is a special gift that will be included in several purchase events through out the year!

 Each time you make a purchase in the special designated event you will be eligible to receive a call from Carmel that will be live on Facebook. 

You could receive a mini-reading live on Facebook connecting you with a loved one on the other side, an intuitive reading giving you the direction you need at just the right time in your life or she may give away one of her many products, courses or services!

Only Spirit knows what she’s going to do, but you can ensure you’re included, by being a part of the sale!

It All Began With A Phone Call!


It all started in September of 2016.  Carmel wanted to show her gratitude to her clients and customers so she put hidden secrets of gratitude throughout her Gratitude Sale.

Anyone who made a purchase in the sale was eligible to receive a call from Carmel. This was her way of saying thank you to her clients.

She made these calls several times each day live on Facebook!
She gave people who answered free readings, courses and dozens of gifts!
(The video on this page shows just a few of them)


 The calls were inspiring and uplifting

They brought joy to not only those who received the calls,
but also to those who watched them.

When it was over she knew she didn’t want it to end,
nor did anyone else!


Here’s What You Need To Know…

feature-butterfly-footerEach individual purchase during the designated event is eligible to receive
a Call With Carmel. Multiple individual purchases = multiple entries!

feature-butterfly-footer  There is no minimum purchase required.

feature-butterfly-footer  Several calls will be made daily during the event.

feature-butterfly-footer  Each call will be live on Facebook and by making a purchase you agree
to participate in the call.

feature-butterfly-footer  You may NOT sign up anyone else when you make the purchase without
their permission. Please ASK before giving this to someone.
Carmel may be calling them!

feature-butterfly-footer  You must enter an accurate phone number and full name to be reached at
and do not forget to enter your area code.

Who Will She Be Calling Next?
It Could Be YOU!