School Of Spirit & Certified Mediumship Training!

Two of my biggest programs that I have done yet! Two of the biggest endeavours that I have ever taken on with online programs.

Let Me Tell You All About It:

School of Spirit is an eight week interactive video-based training program that teaches you creative, intuitive, spiritually-guided programs and lessons for business owners to give them tools and strategies to be able to establish a business with a stronger online presence.School Of Spirit (1)

Now don’t tell me “I am a hairdresser” or “I am a massage therapist, so how am I going to take my business online?” There are a million ways to take your business online!

I am also going to teach you how to expand your business so that you can connect with spiritually-minded, perfect customers for your business. Your business can be fantastic, but if you are not drawing the right customers to you, you won’t go very far.

The whole point behind having a spiritually-minded business is so that you can help others learn and grow and advance in their own lives while allowing yourself to do the same thing.

Whether you are looking to start up a brand new business or this is an established business, School of Spirit is going to be the way to go.


Spiritually-minded businesses, what is that?

You could be a naturopath, you could be a Reiki master, you could be a massage therapist, you could be a counselor, you could be a life coach, you could be anything that is helping to change the world physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.

These modules that are included in School of Spirit are not like my other courses.

  • You’ll receive several videos per module.
  • You’ll receive discovery sheets: homework to keep you moving when you are not with me and not in the program.

School of spirit modules (3)

You can take this program completely at your own pace!

The absolute best part of these programs, is that you are a lifetime member.So if you take School of Spirit this year, next year when School of Spirit starts you are going to get a prompt that invites you to take the program again if you wish! If and when I update and change lessons and do new videos and add new courses… every single year you are going to get invited!lifetime-access


business owners

It is for ambitious beginners, it is for established business owners, it is for spiritual entrepreneurs, it is for anyone that wants to change their business!

But That’s Not All!

There is also Certified Mediumship Training!Carmel Happy smile

In this program, not only am I going to teach you how to connect with spirit, I am going to teach you how to have a real, authentic, strong connection so even the spirits that aren’t very loud will be heard and you will be able to pass on those messages to their loved ones.

There are modules in this course with several videos in each module:

Psychic Medium Certification (3)

Module eight, the best one, is the thirty day practicum that you will need to take in order to receive your certification with me. Now, I call it a thirty day practicum because I know it can be done in thirty days, but if you decide that you want to take longer to do your practicum with me, that is okay, too.

Certification School Of Spirits

If you take Certified Mediumship Training, you are going to get “Awaken Your Spirit,” “Extensive Mediumship,” and “Mediumship 101,” a three combo course pack that is included. It is not mandatory to take them, but we do recommend that you do.

When you are someone who just seems to know and have that inner knowing that you may have been communicating with spirits your whole life or even if it is for the last six months… if you want to do this for a business, if you want to reach out and help people connect with their loved ones, if you are like me and spent years of your life thinking you are crazy and suffering with panic and anxiety, I can guarantee you that Certified Mediumship Training is for you.

This program has been labeled as something that is life changing. I have taken everything I know and I put it online and I put it into a certified training program to help you so that not only would you not feel crazy, but that you can completely feel like you are being mentored step-by-step along the way with me.

It’s Time To Share Your Gift With The World

My mission is to help you realize your full potential in your business and help you make the impact in the world that you’re meant to make.

The world needs more healers, helpers and spiritually minded, gifted people to help heal and slay the dragons, if you will.

Whether you’re launching a brand-new business or taking your existing business to new heights, I’m here to help you step by step learn everything I did along the way. I made several mistakes with my business in the beginning but I also made some huge wins! I will teach you all of the dos and don’ts, ins and outs of creating a successful spiritually-minded business to help you heal the world with thousands of clients at a time!

After successfully teaching and empowering hundreds of people who had no idea if they even had the gift of using their intuition, let alone talk to the other side, helping them live their dream and step into who they authentically are, my desire is to be able to help you do the same, by creating an amazing business platform with a core spiritually minded healing presence for the world.

All my love,


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