Ideas from Spirits come to me when I least expect them to. I mean, don’t get me wrong,  I’ve totally come to realize that I’m never NOT a Medium. Spirits are with me 24/7 and that’s just how my life is. I honestly don’t know any different. (I ponder sometimes what it would be like to not have dozens of conversations in my mind at once, not have my heart race when I glance across the room at someone who’s Spirits are non-stop bugging me, not have…okay you get the idea. But, I wouldn’t trade my life for anything!)

When someone asks me what I do I sometimes joke and say “I play charades with a body of light,” or I’ll say, “I talk to the dead people!” but what they can’t truly understand is just how difficult that really is. It takes an incredible amount of energy and I’m using every single ounce that I have to make sure I can make the clearest, most accurate and concise connection I can make for every client. Because of how much energy it takes, I can’t do readings all day long. I’m limited to how many I can do and then sometimes the unexpected can occur and throws the whole thing outta whack! Like a call from a Missing Person’s case that needs my help right away, which can go long into the night or sometimes even days, or a reading with a Spirit who has more then just a few “I’m sorry’s” to make, or a client who’s so stuck in pain & grief so I need to take some extra time to give as much love and guidance as I can. I never know what each day will bring, but what I do know is at the end of the day there are still hundreds of more people who want to receive a message so they can know their loved ones are okay.

Insert: Spirits Big Bright Idea!

This weekend while Dave and I were looking at Cottages, I entered one cottage and I immediately felt like there was several Spirits around. The feeling felt warm and comfortable. I felt like there was so much love and comfort in that cottage.  A million memories had been made there. We walked all around the property and then finally I came into the house by myself and took my time absorbing all the laughter and memories the energy had to share. The moment I looked at the photo’s on the mantle of an elderly women & man I began to hear their voices. The chatter was non-stop, and the messages where clear. They desperately wanted their fighting family members to resolve their issues and come together in love. Please give the messages the female Spirit said as she went onto to give many more personal details.

When I took a step back from the photo I heard the male Spirit say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” That rang in my head for hours later. What did he mean? Why would he say that to me?  It didn’t take long for me to figure it out.

“Photo Readings!” I sat up in bed at 3am and woke up Dave beside me! “Huh?” Dave moaned fast asleep. “I need to do photo readings!” I suddenly realized how I could get a clear connection with Spirits on the other side even if I didn’t have a client with me in person or over the phone!

The photo’s of the Spirits in the cabin had messages flowing and pulled in those exact Spirits I was looking at. Offering photo readings to my clients is Spirits idea of a solution to a long wait list and clients wanting a connection with their loved ones right away.

Leave it to the other side to come up with just one more way to make a connection!

Photo readings are now listed on the website for those who are interested. They are mini readings that are given from me via an audio clip sent to your inbox while I’m looking at a photo of your loved ones. They will be on sale for 7 days of each month, Augusts  7 days starts today!

I look forward to seeing your loved ones soon!

With love,

Carmel & The Spirits with the bright idea’s!


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Mar 17, 16
I quite often find myself sitting and wondering what it would be like to give the kind of messages you do to your clients. I wonder what my life would be like if I could only develop the gift I know I have, just don't know how to go about it. I would love to train under you as I have met several of your students who live in my city, and I am in awe of their capabilities, I unfortunately lack the confidence to do it, even though I have done readings for friends and loved ones that I know have been more than pleased. Just having trouble with meditation being consistant and wonder how you do all that you do in a day? Your are truly an inspiration and I love your show even if some of it is made for TV, It always makes me tear up. Love watching you with your family and how you all seem to have so much love and happiness, you are always bright, happy and full of Spirit pun intended :)
Dec 23, 15
i am so happy i signed in here i am so looking forward to taking the courses of level 2 i loved the other ones awakening your spirit and my special healing one just awesome have a great week
Michele fay
Aug 23, 15
So awesome, and maybe a future teaching mentorship to other sensitive students with a quest to grow even more?

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