As a Medium, I spend my days with people who are grieving. They are often so lost in their grief that they sometimes feel totally disconnected from their loved ones who have crossed.

It’s my mission to bridge the gap, and show them that’s not true. Their loved ones are working so hard to show them signs, symbols, and love daily. If they could only understand that the things they are hearing, seeing, feeling and experiencing are not just coincidences, by chance or “fluke.” They are in fact REALLY here with them!

One afternoon I wrote this poem after giving a reading to a grieving family and I thought I’d share it with all of you.

Remember… Heaven isn’t as far away as you think.




Standing at the window, waiting for you to arrive.

I’ve spent so many countless hours praying that you’re alive.

Knowing in my mind they said that you were gone,

believing in my heart, that those policemen were wrong.

There was no warning, no chance to pray.

Not even a moment to try and stop this somehow or someway.

Where is this place they speak of?

The place that they call the other side.

A place that they say we go, the new place we reside.

How can I trust the process? When will I know you’re okay?

When will it be our time? I just can’t wait another day.

Send me a sign. I’m waiting for your message, so that I can know.

I’m watching every minute that I think you’ll show,

and I’m opening my mind, to the possibility,

that you’re not gone forever… in fact… you may be… right… here… with… me.

My mind begins to wander, and I hear thoughts I’m not sure are mine.

Is it possible I hear your voice? Is it possible you’re in my mind?

I know that I’m not crazy, and I know you wouldn’t leave me here alone.

Can you show me something big? Like how ’bout the scent of your cologne?

The pain is indescribable. Do you feel it too?

Don’t forget while your there, all the things we use to do.

Can’t you show me something? Like move the curtain or the chair.

I just need to validate, that you’re really there.

I dreamt of you last night. You came into my dreams.

You kissed me on the forehead and said ‘this is exactly how it seems’.

You told me you’d bring feathers and maybe even coins. You said I’m not done my lessons and when it’s my time, that I’ll join.

Send me a sign. I’m waiting for your message so that I can know.

I’m watching every minute that I think you’ll show,

and I’m opening my mind to the possibility

that you’re not gone forever… in fact… you may be… right here… with… me.

Trust – Believe – Pray


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Mar 14, 15
Hi Carmel. Just wanted to tell you that I love your poem. It's like you crawled inside my head for the thoughts. It's only the second week without my mom and I am driving myself crazy for signs she's still with me. This is so hard
Mar 12, 15
Carmel, I read your poem very slowly to digest it and when I got to the end my father came to my mind as he has been deceased for 12 yrs. now and would have been 103 yrs. old today. Tears flooded down my eyes and I could not control them so I just do what I always do and talked to my father from my heart!! After he and my mother passed away I was able to talk to their spirit while I was viewing their deceased body and I felt their spirits 100% in the room. It was utterly undeniable. My precious mother's spirit comes to me and gives me her beautiful "mothers hug" while I sleep and my father's gentle spirit is always there to tell me not to feel guilty or worry about anything as it serves no purpose. The last time I saw him he held my hand for over a half an hour and did not say a word and I knew that was the last time I would see him. No one or nothing can break the loving connection you always have with them and that is so comforting!! Thank you for the poem as it really touched my soul. Thank you for the reading they were all great and I will cherish them!! I sent you and your mom lots of Reiki healing energy when you both were sick.

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