My family knows I’m the worst one to ever slow down. I am happiest when I’m reading for clients, speaking at events, throwing family gatherings, tackling a major renovation, answering a million questions at once, doing, going, giving, being, living, thriving, and so much more! I love chaos and no one handles it better than I do… or so I thought.

It started with my first bout of the cold/flu this fall. “Wow… haven’t been this sick in a long time. No problem I can get through it. I’m superwomen! I can film a T.V show, read clients, answer emails, be sick in the evening. It’ll go away in a few days ..I got this”

A few weeks go by… insert second bout of cold/flu with an added bonus…here comes pneumonia! Okay… this is no problem. I’m done filming…so I can lay in bed and do phone readings. How creative of me!!  Yup… then I woke up the next morning and my voice was gone. Grrrr!

Okay, no problem I thought… I’ll write and get things done that I’ve put off by working on on my lap top. I’ll keep going, doing, moving, and creating. I’ll keep healing the world from home. Insert the music and bed head hair. “Ain’t nothin gunna slow me down..uh oh..I’ve got to keep on movin, oh no ..I’ve got to keep on movin!”

Then the next call came…”Mom’s in the hospital and she’s really sick.” WHAM! That hit like a ton of bricks. My Mom. My hero. My confidant. The one person who was suppose to get me back on my feet isn’t well. Insert denial here.

No problem. We got this… I can pull off Christmas like Super Mom’s are supposed to, I love seeing my clients so that’s going to be great,  and I can talk to Mom twice a day and with my positive vibes and prayer I can get my Mom through this too. I got this..pfftt ain’t no stress here…no sir way …I’m super woman …I am in control …I do not have problems ….I fix other peoples problems. SMACK! Round three ..pneumonia’s back! Insert ugly cry here.

“Seriously!? Who has pneumonia three times” I complained to the doctor in his office moments after he wrote out my third prescription. “Someone who needs to SLOW down,” he replied. Insert deep sigh here.

How can doing the things we love be bad for us I thought?  I love what I do! I love helping and giving so much to others. I love being busy….but maybe, just maybe, my body and Spirit want some of their own love too. That’s when I realized that if I didn’t slow down I wasn’t ever going to be able to get through all this.

So often we are so busy giving and helping others that we forget that our Spirit needs a little bit of extra care also. Life happens. We can’t control when or how it will happen but what we can control is how we react.

When our body gets sick, it’s our Spirits way of saying “Hey ..dumb ass..can you slow down. We can’t keep up.” When our loved ones get sick’s another wake up call to plug into them and take time to be with those who also need us.

We can’t predict when these things will happen and we can only hope and pray those around us will be compassionate and kind (Thank you, thank you, thank you to so many understanding and loving clients, friends, and family)

I have learned this year a valuable life lesson. If I’m not taking care of me first ..I’m no good to anyone else. We have to love ourselves first and foremost and if that well runs dry ..what do we have in it to give to others?

I’ve won the battle with pneumonia but unfortunately my Mom isn’t winning the battle with her illness. Insert time to go home to Mom here.

When life happens …you have no choice but to let go & let God, everything else will be there when life is done happening ..and if it’s not. It wasn’t mean to be.

Trust – Believe & Pray

Carmel Joy


Carm & Joy





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Apr 9, 15
Carmel , I had just about the same thing happen to me two years ago. All in one year my older son , again shut me out of his life and my grandson, my trip to Sedona was cancelled as air canada would not let me fly because my name was spelled wrong and I was already at the airport, then I had a big blow up with my stepmother and then I was rushed to the hospital as they thought I was having a heart attack, I had a bad anxiety attack. Something you hear about and never understand, now I do. Right after that I was sick at home for a month. I had no appetite, no energy, no wanting for life. I had shut down . Made me slow down with always helping others and never myself and take a good look at MY LIFE, for a change. I now say no and I get how come. It feels so good to look after me for a change and not look after everyone else. Thought I have been doing good, then ram, I get a terrible phone call again from my older son, terrible one , running me down, calling me every name under the sun. I cried and cried and then all of a sudden , it hit me again. Don't go there Marion or you wuill be sick again. I had to cut the ties from my older son and I asked the Angels to help me. When I did this it felt like a very huge weight lifted off of my shoulders, my back, my neck. Wow, this felt good. Should I not feel guilty that I let me son go, I said to myself. I could hear this voice saying NO! My son is in his own universe and I in mine. Someday you will see your grandson. So I excepted this and choose to set him free with Love and Light and Forgiveness. So Thank You Carmel for your story of what happened to you. This a learning world. We may not like it. I just remember we are not alone and the Angels and God are here to help us . We just have to remember to ASK. And ASK i do. I may not get the answer I would like, but it always turns out for the better. I will still have my ups and downs. I just remember the help from the other side. Love your show and that you are close to home, when ever I can get the money saved to see you or when I let go , LOL to receive. Thank You, Marion
Michele fay
Apr 5, 15
Ditto, also my husband, daughter and I have never been so run down and with reoccurring body, spirit, mind imbalances.spring and new hope, like feathers perched in our souls give us inner reserves of strength.from Michele fay.

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