Have you ever noticed that we always have a goal or a “thing” that we are striving towards that will make us happy?

When I lose 30 lbs I’ll love my body. When I get to supervisor I’ll be happy. When I retire I’ll do what I love. When I go on vacation I can relax. When I get back home I’ll eat healthy. When my kids move out I’ll buy new furniture. When my dog passes, I’ll travel more.

This changed for me when I recently did a reading for a young woman. Her husband told me that he was waiting for something much like this, but then he was hit by a drunk driver and everything changed.

He spoke to his wife for close to an hour giving loving messages and sending lots of proof that it was him. He told her about the pink teddy bear she keeps next to her bed. The starfish necklace she wears to remind her of the time spent with him in Mexico, the stained coffee cup of his she sips from every morning.

So many great messages that gave her such comfort to know he was there, but before he left to reconnect with his family on the other side he leaned down and said to me, “Don’t wait.”

I was confused and not imagining he was talking directly to me so I asked him what he meant by that and he said “Don’t wait to be happy until you lose 30 lbs and don’t wait to rest, and don’t wait to love you.”

I blushed a little knowing he was right. I had been tired lately and worried about my weight. He looked down at his wife and said to me “I was waiting to love myself until my life was perfect and what I didn’t realize was that I was surrounded by perfect every single day”

Don’t wait – You are enough.

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Apr 27, 16
Excellent advise!
Dec 15, 15
I feel the same. For years I tried to be "successful" which ment I had to gain the big bucks thinking it would make me happy and my family would be proud of my success. Great awesome. What it did was get me very sick resulting in my loss if the one job I strived so hard to get. I don't make the money, not even half the wage. What I learned was "success" and money do to mean a thing for your happiness. I'm so grateful the company let me go. Because now I'm finding real happiness in a wonderful community. I'm so grateful now I have real relationships and what's best they aren't based on level of success. It's based in me, the real me. I hope this message helps someone to stop the insanity before they get sick and start to be happy.
Feb 5, 15
Absolute truth, I've experienced it personally with the loss of my wife. We did not wait to retire to travel little. At 48 years old we took a 6 month RV trip through the southern US. So MANY older travelers all said the same thing "don't wait until" stuff happens in life. I'm so fortunate we did that trip, I lost her at 58 years old. Stuff happens.

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