When I was in my first marriage I thought that I was trapped. I told myself I was a victim and I was forced to be there. I made excuses why I couldn’t make changes in my life, such as – “I have no money.” “I have no support.” “I have no one else who’d love me as a women with 4 small children.” The stories I told myself in my head went on and on.

I would justify everything ..and take accountability for nothing. I was a class A victim. I was never to blame.

Sure I was being abused- mentally, physically and emotionally…but no one made me stay there. I chose too. I knew there was women’s shelters. I knew the number to 911. I knew that I had a family that loved me and would help me. I wanted someone else to blame for why I didn’t love myself, and my ex seemed like the perfect target.

The truth is, I felt so bad about myself I couldn’t handle one more thing on my plate to accept about myself so I would reject everything that could make changes in my life and I’d make up some story in my head that let me off the hook. It didn’t matter how I got to this place. What mattered is I was the only one controlling the story in my head …


If you don’t like your life. Then change it. You are the only one who has the power. Even small changes will change your future.

Anything is possible if you believe. Your ego doesn’t want you to believe and that’s the challenge of life. Turn down your ego and turn up your Spirit!

Stop making excuses for why things are the way they are ..and start making changes for how things are going to be. If your not happy with your job. You put you there. Change it.

If your not happy with your marriage. Change it. You don’t like your weight. Change it.

You don’t like where you live. Change it.

All the reasons you say you can’t …that’s the story you tell yourself in your head.

Change the story ..change your life.

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Jun 11, 15
How are you doing Charlene? I know exactly what that place is like....when i was there, I told no one what I was going through...not my family or friends. I made up excuses too. I think the last one I told myself was , I couldn't leave my dog. ( I knew it would be an issue to take her) ... Remember Charlene ,,you are not alone, a lot of us have been there. ( or still are) ,,, I finally did talk myself into leaving. That's what it was like, I had a conversation with myself and decided the best thing for me was to go..... As I made my way to my temporary place to stay,,,,I felt like a huge weight was lifted from me. That took me by suprise, I didn't realise how much I was hurting myself with the stress. Ask yourself ......what's the worst that can happen? (if you leave) sending you thoughts of courage...lol
Apr 23, 15
I'm in that place right now and I keep making excuses of not leaving my relationship of mental and verbal abuse. I'm scared and confused.

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