mmm-cookiesIf you came and asked me what was in the yummy cookies I made. I would give you a list of the ingredients. Brown sugar, flour, chocolate chips, butter, vanilla, eggs…etc. If you came and asked me how to “make” those cookies, I’ll give you the recipe.

A Psychic’s job is to give you the list of ingredients you need to have a happy life. The things you may need to do, or let happen, to make the best future possible. It’s your job to get the EXACT recipe and measure out the ingredients to exactly the right consistency that YOU would enjoy. With the same ingredients we can both make very different cookies. I like my cookies to be big, soft, and chewy. Others may like them small, hard, and crisp. We each have a unique taste and we each have our own unique lives to live.

Psychic’s are guides. They are able to give you the best direction possible that they see at the time. It’s ultimately up to you to decide if you want to listen or take a completely different direction.

If a Psychic tells you that your husband will be a tall, dark haired man, who drives a truck and works as a ranger and you fall in love with a average height blonde man, who drives a motorbike, and is a police man…who should you listen to?

YOU! You’re the best psychic in your own life. Maybe the Psychic was picking up on his brother, your sisters new lover, a man from your past, or just doing their best to give you the feeling that they see you marrying soon. Either way, you have to listen to your Intuition and inner Spirit before you listen to anyone else.

Use a Psychic as a guide …not a written law.

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