The beginning of the week and it’s hard to get yourself back into the swing of things after a weekend of fun, friends and relaxation.

Be in the moment! All to often we forget to enjoy the journey because were so busy looking ahead at the destination. Don’t go into today taking a deep breath and dreading Monday and anxiously awaiting till Friday before your fun can begin again. Go into today enjoying everything you are experiencing around you so that you don’t miss out on the amazing things this wonderful Monday morning has to offer you.

A fresh cup of coffee at the office that never seems to taste as good at home, a chance to laugh as you drive by watching the little kids throw snowballs at each other on the way to school, the wagging tail or purring cat who greets you at the door when you get home today, a day of errands caught up, a laugh at work so hard it made you cry …

Go looking for things this Monday to let you enjoy the day and continue doing this all week, before you know it Friday will be here and you’ll realize it was a great week full of moments you were IN!

Happy Monday!


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