When I walked out to the living room to greet my last two clients of the day I have to admit, I was exhausted. It had been a long day of playing catch-up with clients in between our busy filming schedule.

I greeted Vicki and Candace in the living room and asked if they knew who would like to go first. They looked at each other nervously and then asked if they could go at the same time. I cautiously warned them that they may not want to do that as they both have different family, with different loved ones. Maybe one of them would have stronger family members who would take up all the time and one of them may miss out.

The ladies assured me they wanted to go together, telling me they had been best friends since they were 11 years old. “We can handle it,” they chimed in sync.

I noticed at this point that Vicki had a strong male Spirit present around her who had desperate messages that he needed to come through. I asked him politely in my mind, to hold on and I would be with him soon and we could begin. I could feel his desperation and so I agreed to take the women together. No one more than me that night wanted this to be easy and move quickly.

Now, normally when you come into my reading room there is about a 5 to 10 minute introduction talk that I give to explain to you what I do. I also have clients choose a crystal and talk to them about using their intuition.Truthfully, this talk is about me connecting and beginning the conversation with your loved ones. I know my introduction talk so well and I’ve said it so much it’s like my mouth moves and my brain is connecting with your Spirits getting lots of messages to begin the reading with.

Well, I tried to tell the girls what a Medium is and how I do it, I tried to go through my talk step-by-step but this male Spirit had more pressing and immediate plans. I felt like I had the loudest male voice in my head talking over everything I said and trying to tell me to just STOP talking about this stuff and give his messages. Normally I can talk calm to a Spirit and politely ask them to wait …this guy was NOT waiting.

I apologized to Vicki and Candace and told them I was sorry but I just had to begin. The Spirit was louder than my voice at this point and I couldn’t think straight. They laughed nervously, but anxiously looked at me wondering what I would say.
I looked at Vicki and asked if she had a husband that passed as I could see a man standing right behind her. This is where a husband will stand when he wants to let me know he is with his wife. Vicki looked back at me and said …”NO”

I couldn’t believe it! Why would he stand behind her? I felt like I had such a strong Spirit why would he be there if he wasn’t supposed to be? I asked the Spirit to show me who he is. He then moved off to the side like he was on her Father’s side, but then he jumped right back in behind her. He did this three times before I finally figured it out.

I looked at Vicki and said, “This is a male friend, but he had a crush on you didn’t he?”

Candace began nodding her head wildly and smiling, while Vicki looked at me with tears in her eyes and slightly nodded yes. The Spirit jumped up and down saying “YES, YES, YES!”
I then looked at Vicki and said, “And you had a crush on him.” She struggled, I could tell she had never spoken the words before outloud to anyone other then poor Candace who was beside herself with relief that this was all coming out.

Vicki then looked up at me and said, “Yes. I did have feelings for him.” I felt the Spirit do a million back flips and my stomach felt like I was 8 years old and had just gone over the hill while driving with my parents.

Now he was excited and got loud and clear. He told me to tell her that he had known her since he was a young man. She agreed.

He told me to tell her that he made the decision to do what he did while he was driving to the place he had done it. She understood this.

He told me to tell her he was sorry and to please tell her that it’s not her fault. He wanted her to let go of all the guilt and release herself of any burdens or pain because of him. This is not what he wanted her to feel. She knew what this meant.
Vicki cried as the messages continued to flow.

The Spirit would go from being serious and sincere to light and funny. He wanted to show her and Candace his personality and really wanted Vicki to know he was there. He went on to tell me that he waited too long and he wanted her to know that he waited too long. I gave the message and Vicki understood.

He repeated over and over that he should have been the man she married and that he waited too long to tell her that he loved her.
Suddenly I felt the Spirit look right into my eyes and speak to me. I could see his lips moving and I was a bit shocked as this is as close in as a Spirit has ever come. He said, “Carmel I have to tell her that I love her. Please speak for me.”

The Spirit got very emotional and then began to cry. If a Spirit cries, I cry because of the energetic connection between us. I did my best to hold back the tears and I looked at Vicki and spoke the words he so desperately wanted me to say.
“He wants me to say, ‘I love you Vicki.’”

Vicki’s eyes filled with tears and in that moment I could see her release the weight of a thousand pounds. For the first time ever she now truly knew how he felt.
Never speaking the words to each other or admitting how each of them had loved each other she was hearing it for the first time that night.

He then made light of things and said that he wished he’d left a note. People didn’t understand why he’d done it. He wished he’d found his voice and he wished he’d be able to communicate with Vicki to tell her how he felt.
The Spirit then confirmed to me that he had committed suicide and chose a way that there would be no second chances.

I knew with everything that he had told me that it was because Vicki married someone else, but what I didn’t know was what Vicki told me, that it was 2 days before her wedding.
It was now many years later and the whole time Vicki had wondered if his death was because he loved her and couldn’t find the words, or was it about something else.

She got all the answers and more that night.

When the seriousness of the conversation and true feelings where out, the Spirit went on to try and flirt with Vicki. Always standing behind her and touching her hair. He asked me to tell her that she was his soulmate and Vicki agreed. She knew in her heart that this was the man she was supposed to marry but neither of them could admit to how they felt for one another.

With all the confidence in the world he then reached down and touched her face, looked at me and said, “Tell her I’m her Ghost Boyfriend!” We all laughed. He’d gone from no voice to a voice and then some!
Vicki laughed and said, “Well it’s technically not cheating if he’s on the other side right?”

I knew that this Spirit was NOT kidding. He plans to be right with her until it is her time to cross and I know he’ll be the first one waiting at the end of the light to greet her. He was doing all he could to stay connected and let Vicki know how he felt.

I asked the girls if they would be okay with me writing this story, they agreed and of course I promised to change their names. At that point the Spirit then proudly gave me permission to use his.

So BRAD, this story is for you, in hopes that you can help teach people on this side that life is too short and we should always tell people how we feel. What Brad didn’t know until he got to the other side was that the whole time Vicki felt the same way. If only he had trusted and believed in himself he would have told her how much he loved her.

Don’t wait. Tell people how you feel, you won’t know if they feel the same way if you don’t.

P.S – The reading went on and Candace got an amazing connection with her Dad and several more family members as did Vicki. I walked out of my room that night ready to run a marathon. So much for being exhausted ..Spirit RECHARGE! Thanks Brad!

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Such a great experience or them...and Carmel too.

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