The biggest mistake we make is to doubt ourselves and the messages we get from the other side. Each of us is capable of communicating with our loved ones. Yet when we see things, feel things, or experience things they are trying to share with us, we often will dismiss it and say to ourselves that it didn’t happen, it was an accident, or there must be some logical explanation.

Last week while giving a phone reading I was able to connect with a young male Spirit who desperately wanted his family to know he was okay and that he was around them all the time. I gave several messages from the Spirit to his Aunt to confirm he was present and with her.

He knew the family had just paved the driveway, he knew they had bought a new tractor and said he was going to be driving the new one. He seemed excited about harvest season and anxious to help. Out of the blue and quite randomly he said, “ Tell them I’m with them when they see caterpillars” When he gave me the message, at first I didn’t say it. It’s fall, I thought. The caterpillars are sleeping. This isn’t fair to tell them if they won’t see them, but instead he urged me to please say the message. I wondered if maybe his Aunt would know what this meant and if they’re was a deeper meaning. I told her the message and she said that there were plenty of caterpillars on the farm where he lived and maybe that was it. I moved forward with more messages and quickly dismissed this one wondering if maybe I’d gotten it wrong. Just a few days later I was with my family at a horse sale. I was talking to my husband when all of a sudden this black and yellow fuzzy thing caught my eye. Deep within the hay and grass crawling it’s way across the well beaten horse path was a caterpillar. Shocked and in disbelief I shared my story with everyone around me. In that moment I realized …it doesn’t matter what season, or what significance we put on things. If a Spirit says you’ll know I’m with you whencaterpillars are near..then caterpillars will be near. Thanks Spirit :)

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